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Page 4. In last column second line,for" 1,008,043"read" 1,048,043. "


Page 280.For" Close Communist Baptist, " in line 18,read" Close Communion Baptist. " " Mormons and Latter-day Saints, " on same page, should be entered separately, as on page 366. AlsovideNote on page 369.


Some Towns are situated close to the borders of Counties, and in each of the following cases the wrong County has been given. The lines referred to should read as follows:—

Page 538. Hartley Vale, Cook, 452—345—797—162.

Page 540. Bandon Grove, Gloucester, 156—119—275—51.

Page 540. Jerry's Plains, Hunter, 115—120—235—42.

Page 541 Gilgai, Gough, 96—52mdah;148—27.

Page 541. St. Alban's, Northumberland, 41—52—93—16.

Page 541. Cuddell, Mitchell, 42—41—83—19.

Page 541. Jindera, Goulburs,for" 64—66—130—31 "read" 184—187—371—77. "

Page 551.for" 1,081 " in right-hand lower corner,read" 1,018. "


Page 604 and 680. Fortune-teller, palmist, clairvoyante (1 male, 9 females) are classed in Order II, Sub-order 2, Group 4. More properly these persons should have been classified under Amusements, Order 2, Sub-order 10, Group 7.

Page 651. Tenth line from bottom. The classification of "Driver, horse, mine (coal) " should be,— " 21—6—8, " not " 2—6—8. "


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